Why Should You Care About Uniforms?

What’s in a uniform? On the surface it might not seem like a very important matter in the grand scheme of choosing who to hire, but let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? A uniformed Service Team says one thing loud and clear – “We care about our image and what you think of us, and we are proud to have our name attached to the work we’ve done.”

When a service company comes to your home or business to provide their services, they are – for all intents and purposes – showing you and the rest of the world what they’re made of, especially in an industry with such a visible footprint as Urban Tree Services. Our crews work outdoors in residential neighborhoods, business districts, and along busy throughways. Everyone who see’s them will remember them – or at least, that’s the goal! In an industry that sometimes carries a bad reputation for shady practices and fly-by-night swindlers, Muskogee Tree is stepping up to say “Here we are, and we aren’t going anywhere.”

Any old Joe can show up at your house to work in a t-shirt and ball cap, but are you really going to remember him? Will those who pass by? More importantly perhaps – are you certain that they want to be remembered? Do they want to be associated with the work they’ve done after they leave? Do they care enough about what you think of them and their performance to spend their hard earned money on Uniforms for their crews? Uniforms show intentional professionalism. A team who cares about it’s appearance is a team that care’s about your opinion of them and the work they do.

At Muskogee Tree we believe that how we present ourselves is important. Our owners and employees wear uniforms to demonstrate that simple fact. We are proud to serve the city we live in, we are proud of the work we do, and we are proud to be associated with that work. We want our colors, our logos, and our name to be synonymous with excellence wherever they are seen.

When you decide to hire a company to work on your property, ask yourself if a uniformed crew is important to you.