From the smallest sapling to towering giants, Muskogee Tree has the equipment, training, and knowledge to tackle any Tree Removal project. Our friendly crew members are highly experienced with working in the most hazardous and difficult scenarios, including near power-lines, over homes and vehicles, and in high-traffic areas.

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Trees are living organisms with specific structural, biological, and environmental requirements. A species unique needs and tendencies must be taken into account when formulating pruning specifications and long-term health plans. Anybody can buy a chainsaw, or even a bucket truck and claim to be a Tree Company, but proper pruning takes years of training, experience, and studying Tree Biology. Don’t trust your tree’s future to just anybody! Muskogee Tree adheres to the ANSI A300 Guidelines for Pruning Specifications and Industry Standard Best Practices.

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  • The entire experience with Muskogee Tree was 5 star. They were very professional and did an excellent job. From the walk through video -which they followed exactly, to the job set up...they impressed me. They followed the They took care to move and then move back any obstacles and they did a great job of cleaning up.

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    Cheryl RobinsonCheryl Robinson
  • So, I called Muskogee tree because I had some limbs that were letting a little squirrel friend of mine get onto my roof. My concern was that the squirrel would end up getting into my attic and cause chaos. I’m so glad I called these guys. Although it took them a while because they were so backlogged when they finally did show up their guys did an amazing job. They were on the property for about three hours and they trimmed the tree up nicely and worked around my son’s tree fort. Now my little squirrel friend will have to do his Chip and Dale Rescue Rangering somewhere else besides my roof ( I’m aware that Chip and Dale were chipmunks and not squirrels but this was the closest I could come up with). The crew cleaned up all of the branches and by the time they left you couldn’t tell there had been any trimming done on the property other than by looking at the tree itself. There wasn’t one single limb left on the lawn. The guys were very polite and they worked extremely efficiently.

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    Pedro ZardenetaPedro Zardeneta
  • Great crew, on time, professional, safe, very good clean up. Great equipment, they have my business
    in the future.

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    Glen DahlGlen Dahl
  • Very courteous and professional. The service was an excellent value for the money. I will definitely hire them again!

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    Christina StatsmannChristina Statsmann
  • A neighbor had a huge tree in the front yard. These guys work fast a are very careful and clean Organized If you want your tree to safely come down and want a clean yard.....Totally Recommend this service!

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    Nancy SandersNancy Sanders
  • They did a great job, safely, swiftly, and cleaned up real nicely in the end, I truly recommend this company!

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    Jose BenitezJose Benitez
  • We had a crew here today and they were on time, worked hard, (safely).
    I would recommend them absolutely.
    They cleaned up very well & were very
    helpful. I felt their equipment was topnotch & they finished in 1 day, they took down 1 tree & trimmed 2 others.
    I got a fair estimate & feel as though we got our money’s worth.

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    Glen DahlGlen Dahl
  • This company removed some very large trees that were close to our house and did a great job! They cleaned up everything and we would not hesitate to use them again!

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    Cheryl Nichols BrownCheryl Nichols Brown
  • the guys were great they did an awesome job! I was absolutely amazed at how fast they can tear down a big tree.... highly recommend this company to help you with your tree service.

    thank you for all your help.
    John Hardin.
    fine line construction.

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    John HardinJohn Hardin
  • Matt and crew removed 2 trees from our home today. The entire crew were skilled and safety was utmost concern for our property and their safety. They left our place very clean. I highly recommend them.

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    Patti DentonPatti Denton
  • Professional, affordable, impressive, experienced,& local tree management.

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    Debbie SmithDebbie Smith
  • Great group of guys who work hard! Knowledable and very professional! These guys will get you taken care of!

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    Finessa LuellenFinessa Luellen
  • Muskogee Tree did a great job on all of our tree work. They were very knowledgeable, professional and respectful of our property. They left our property looking great and even better than how they found it. Highly recommended.

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    Misty HarrisMisty Harris
  • We have absolutely no complaints about the job we had done. The crew came in and worked hard from beginning to end. We heard no quarreling and no bad language.The cleanup was perfect! No damage at all to the yard. They did have to remove a section of fence, but they replaced it till it is not even noticeable. If we had not been here to see the work done, it would be hard to believe they had cut and removed 4 trees and trimmed a great number of trees. I would recommend this company for more than one reason.

    1. Quick response
    2. Honest business practice
    3. Job done exactly as we requested

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    Inez BarnesInez Barnes
  • Very professional, Matt, top notch, although I didn’t meet the crew who did my tree work, I would just like to say, thank you guys, looks amazing, very clean, and went outta there way to care for our lawn. there needs to be more businesses around who give you personal attention, call backs and updates, with pics, from the lady who initially took my call, to everyone involved. There’s only 1 tree company I’d recommend. MUSKOGEE TREE. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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    David MarshDavid Marsh
  • did a good job reasonable price respected property would recommend them again and also use them

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    Ellen FielderEllen Fielder
  • Great experience, very professional! Definitely recommend this company and will be using their service again.

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    Angela Overholt WestAngela Overholt West
  • I called on the 6th and was really in a rough spot. The tree is located on the property and is completely hollow. With winter on the way I was concerned about possible ice storms taking it down and causing damage to mine or my neighbors property. I spoke with the scheduler Lindsey on 10/6 and she was wonderful!! She made an appointment for today a holiday after all. Matt was here at 8 am on the dot. He look not only at the one I called but also one by the street!! He was gone before 9am!! Thank you so much Muskogee Tree trimming and removal!!

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    Crystal HaskellCrystal Haskell
  • I had two stumps left behind by a storm that blew through here sometime back. I contacted Matt and he came out and gave me an estimate and scheduled an appointment. One of his crew came and did the stump removal for me. Matt and his crew were very professional, prompt and affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking tree service! I would definitely use again. Thanks Matt.

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    Midge BlueMidge Blue
  • These guys are awesome! Very friendly and professional, we had them remove two trees and seven stumps. They worked with us on our tight schedule and I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job! We won’t hesitate to call them again when we’re ready for more tree removal!

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    Renee LuceRenee Luce
  • Matt and his crew did some tree trimming and a tree removal for us and truly exceeded our expectations! They were EXTREMELY professional, prompt and affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking tree service! You ROCKED it! Thanks!!!!! �����

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    David PitchfordDavid Pitchford
  • We had a mess that had been created by a random someone we paid for tree removal. We contacted Muskogee Tree for an estimate on cleaning up that mess. The whole process from estimate to the end was quick and professional. I appreciate their service and will gladly recommend them to anyone who needs tree service. Thank you!

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    Sonya JacksonSonya Jackson
  • I had a mess from about a year and a half of neglect and storm damage. I called Muskogee Tree to come out and give me an estimate on the cost to clean up the damaged trees as well as the debris on the ground. Matt told me that he would be out that evening, and he was. The price that he quoted me was well below what I had expected it to be so I would say the price was very reasonable. I approved the quote that Matt had sent me and shortly after we had some bad weather that prevented them from coming out, however, Matt made sure that he kept in contact with me and kept me updated. Once the weather cleared up Matt called me and informed me that his crew would be out the following day, and they were. The crew spent the entire day working, and I could not have been happier with the finished product. It has been a long time since I have seen my backyard look that good. All damage was cut and removed, as well as all the debris on the ground. Thank you all for an amazing job.

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    Dewayne GoadDewayne Goad
  • Great service from Muskogee Tree Trimming. Very happy with their work from the trimming to clean up!

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    Gayle PaxtonGayle Paxton
  • Great Team Great Nation, I always recommend Muskogee Tree Trimming to EVERYONE rather citizen or non, they Will Get The Job Done!

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    Nokusece Jacob WindNokusece Jacob Wind
  • The guys were great! When we called for a estimate they came out the same day and looked at the tree gave us an estimate. When we scheduled the removal the guys came out and did exactly what we had agreed to. I will definitely call them again.

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    Leslie Gilbreth DanielsLeslie Gilbreth Daniels
  • Wouldn’t use anyone else. I had a fairly big job that took two full days. First, they are insured. They give you a free, detailed appraisal with everything to be done in writing. Excellent communication as to when they start work and coordinating everything.

    Friendly workers who get there early in the morning and stay until late afternoon when the sun fades.

    Professional quality work with professional equipment.

    As soon as job is finished, I got an electronic receipt before I could even say goodbye and get back into the house.

    Very fair pricing.

    Don’t shop around and “hope” you can do better, just call them and get the work you need done and over with.

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    Nathan HendricksonNathan Hendrickson
  • I have a magnificent Crepe Myrtle I could no longer trim myself, and I was concerned about the growth over the roof. I called for an estimate, the guys were prompt, concise, gave me great communication, scheduled a day, trimmed my tree so it looks fabulous, then cleaned up all debris. I was so very pleased! Thank you for your loving care! I would recommend these guys to anyone!

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    Cricket LynneCricket Lynne
  • From my initial call to their office to the very end of the project - we had no problems with this service. They showed up early and they worked hard and they cleaned up all the mess associated with removing trees. Everything went very smoothly and it was obvious that they were quite knowledgeable in the task of tree removal. Now I know this is not really important, but I loved that they all looked so neat. They wore matching shirts with the company logo and of course the necessary protective gear. Along with all this, they offer very fair pricing. I recommend Muskogee Tree without hesitation!

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    Debbie Fuller PeakDebbie Fuller Peak
  • Matt came and removed an old stump from the side of my parent's driveway. He did a perfect job and saved me alot of $$ as well. Thanks again Matt. Will definitely be calling for some more work later on.

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    Skye TolbertSkye Tolbert


  • Descriptive, hard-copy and digital quotes with itemized costs.

  • Industry standard liability insurance

  • TCIA Member Company

  • Full Workers Comp Coverage on all Employees and Sub-Contractors

  • Crew-members connected via UHF 2-way radio at all times.

  • Crew uniforms

  • Industry standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn on all jobs.

  • A firm commitment to the best clean-up around.

  • Routine Drug Testing for all Employees

  • Professional level equipment and safety standards.

  • Online client access to quotes, invoices, and scheduling. *email address required

  • Available online pay with all major credit cards.

  • Friendly and courteous Crew Members, Foremen, and Sales Personnel.


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In the meantime, if you’d like to request Certificates Of insurance head on over to our Insurance page!

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