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We’re contacting a small group of customers whose scheduling has been delayed by recent circumstances that fell outside of our immediate control. We wanted to touch bases with you and catch you up to speed, get your feedback, and get on track to completing your work.

Your Quote was approved on : Jan 01, 1970
It's curent age is : 54 years, 3 months, 20 days

(if the current age of your job is more than 90 days there may be other variables that have contributed to the delay that we will be taking into account)

To make a long story short: for a space of about 2 months, the speed at which we were able to complete jobs was dramatically diminished. When you received your quote, you were told that our current estimated wait time was 40 – 50 days. On the date that you signed your quote that estimate was correct. However, in the following weeks, we began to experience substantial delays that our scheduling software couldn’t accurately account for. As a result, the scheduling of your job has been delayed.

The purpose of this notice is to touch bases with you and get a better understanding of your needs so we can address this problem more efficiently. If you have not yet received a tentative date for work to begin, please take just a few moments to fill out the short form on this page. Once we have your responses we will get in touch with you within a few days with a tentative date for your work.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us here, and your email will be sent directly to the owners. Our phone personnel do not manage the schedule and are not able to answer questions or provide any additional information regarding delayed jobs. Thank you!

The Details

The problems started when we lost 2 crew members in the space of 2 weeks. 1 of them to go to school, 1 to a different job. This happened right as we were ramping up to put together a 2nd crew. The unexpected loss of these two employees slowed our production dramatically. Though we began trying to hire new hands immediately, as with many other small businesses we had no luck initially in finding any individuals looking for work in our field. To compound matters, shortly after the loss of these employees, we had a sudden rash of mechanical failures. That’s when we discovered the immense, seemingly nationwide shortage and shipping delays on industrial-grade machinery and heavy-duty vehicle parts. The combined weight of these two circumstances caused us to begin to fall behind on completing work.

Our scheduling queue is a specialized spreadsheet with formulas that calculate an estimated wait time based on all the jobs in line, the various details of those jobs, and the overall expected completion time of each job. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy metric or clear formula to describe these delays we were experiencing in a mathematical way, and as such, it wasn’t really possible to make any sort of adjustment to the spreadsheet formulas that could take these factors into account. Once the delays started occurring, we essentially had to guess, and keep working as fast as we could, hoping to keep most of our customers within a reasonable time from their estimated wait.

The good news is, we’ve finally managed to replace the crew members who we lost, and we’re now in the process of creating a 2nd crew specifically to handle smaller jobs. We’re also in the process of trying out some new procedures to speed up our production even more, specifically – we’re looking at staging debris on some jobs for pickup in the day or two after the actual cutting work is done. This will allow us to move more quickly on those jobs by sending a more compact, specialized crew who completes the cutting and staging of debris, then moves along to the next job. All in all, the same amount of work will be done, but we’ll be much better able to distribute our labor force and equipment more efficiently.

Unfortunately, we’ve just lost another crew member. He got married and will be moving to Arkansas. We had an advance warning this time, and we’ve already begun making adjustments to compensate. We are working hard to expedite scheduling several customer’s jobs, including your own. To try and minimize any further changes or delays, we’re asking that you give us some feedback regarding your specific job by answering the questions in the form on this page. We’ve lost employees before, but have never experienced such dramatic effects as we have this time around, and we’re incredibly grateful for your patience and your honesty.

All customers who are being affected by these delays will receive a credit of 10% of their current job’s total cost toward any future work. Customer’s who are in a position to wait longer without causing themselves any problems will be credited an additional 10% for offering to wait longer if necessary. Please note : our ultimate goal is to get to everyone as quickly as possible.  Offering to wait, or selecting a defined amount of time does not necessarily mean you will be waiting that long. We sincerely regret any inconvenience these delays may have caused, and we thank you so much for your time and your understanding as we work through this challenge and learn how to serve our customers better.

"staging" debris is the process of stacking cut material out-of-the-way for easy collection at a later time. If your job is a no-disposal job or has large tree(s) to be removed, please disregard this question.